3D print your own ‘Pirakeet’ Pi Zero game console

3D print your own 'Pirakeet' Pi Zero game console

Thingiverse user Ampersands has remixed Adafruit’s popular 3D printed Pocket PiGrrl to create the Pirakeet , a new Gameboy-style retro game console running Retropie. The console was designed to be printable on smaller 3D printers (80 x 104 mm) whilst still being easy to assemble. Perhaps we’re almost at saturation point for 3D printed, Gameboy-style Raspberry Pi consoles, but the Pirakeet, an amateur reworking of Adafruit’s classic Pocket PiGrrl, is a solid addition to the canon which can be built for around $100. Although 3Ders only covers a handful of these retro 3D printing projects, there are plenty to […]

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