3D printable ‘Epic Sci-Fi Tiles’ for tabletop RPGs now on Kickstarter

3D printable 'Epic Sci-Fi Tiles' for tabletop RPGs now on Kickstarter

Epic Dungeon Tiles, a company that creates 3D printable tabletop sets for RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its latest RPG tile collection: Epic Sci-Fi Tiles. With 12 days left to go of the crowdfunding campaign, Epic Dungeon Tiles’s Rob Mehew has already raised over double the $700 goal. “The main concept of Epic Sci-Fi Tiles is to keep it easy to create epic adventure areas whilst maintaining the look and feel of Sci-Fi,” reads the Kickstarter campaign. The tile set, which includes tiles, doors, windows, traps, walls, and accessories, captures a classic Sci-Fi […]

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