$8,999 Voxel8 Developer’s Kit 3D printer now shipping

$8,999 Voxel8 Developer's Kit 3D printer now shipping

Voxel8, the 3D printing enterprise spearheaded by Harvard professor Jennifer A. Lewis, has started shipping its Developer’s Kit 3D printer, with Google ATAP set to be one of the first recipients. The modular 3D printer is, for a limited time only, still available at the pre-order price of $8,999. When Voxel8 first announced its Developer’s Kit 3D printer back in 2015, the 3D printing community got pretty excited: here was a desktop FFF 3D printer which could print embedded electronics at room temperature, housed in an ultra-stylish shell, available for under $10K. And on top of all that, the […]

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