Is the Airwolf 3D HD printer right for me?

The Airwolf AW3D HD printer bridges the gap between speed and quality.

Maintaining this balance is somewhat tricky, and Airwolf AW3D has been able to bridge this gap quite successfully.
The printer has been creating quite a buzz on the market since recently.
The really cool about this printer is can be fully autonomous, through a device called Viki LCD controller built into its frame, so it can run independently without being necessary to couple it to a computer to print.
Airwolf 3d HD printer
You can print all your 3D designs on this printer extremely fast and efficiently. The speed ranges from 150 to 400 mm per second.
You are also able to print in large scale, and the prints can be 12 X 8 X 12 inches in size.
The cartridges used are PLA and universal 3-mm ABS cartridges that can be purchased from any manufacturer.
The Airwolf 3d HD printer is a single-head printer. Hence, you can print only in one color at a time. There is an option to upgrade to two print-heads.

The nozzle of the printer should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent filaments building up on the metal piece.

The printer is fully assembled and ready to print straight from the box. The printer is made of acrylic plastic and comes with an LCD screen.
Calibrating the printer is quite easy.

Since the printer would do most of the work for you, the print bed can heat up sooner. It has an automatic adjustment feature to control this effect. The instruction manual covers all the function of the printer in great depth.

The Airwolf AW3D and software work with both Mac and Windows operating systems.
The printer is connected to the computer using the USB cable. If not, you can save files to the Micro-SD card and print without the help of the computer.
All in all, the Airwolf AW3D is one of the fastest printers available today. It is well worth the money spent on it.

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