Cube 3 3D Printer A Brief Review

Cube 3 3D Printer Works straight out of the Box.

3D printers were once only created for industrial and business use, but they have recently been re-created for the home user.
They used to cost thousands of dollars a few years ago, but now, you can get the Cube 3 3D printer for about $800 and it is only as large as a coffee machine.
Cube 3 3D Printer is a proven solution of 3D Systems in the semi-professional category.
This incredibly easy-to-use 3D printer meets IEC  60953 kid safety requirements make it ideal for use at home and classroom. If this doesn’t excite you and bring out your inner geek, I don’t know what will!
The Cube 3 3d Printer
The Cube 3 is elegant-looking, with intuitive color touchscreen interface, and LED backlit panels that glow to illuminate prints in progress.
It comes nearly fully assembled,  the Cube 3 supports both ABS and PLA filament, and since it has dual extruders, you can even print in two different colors and with two different materials at the same time.

The best feature of the Cubify Cube 3 is the ability to connect via Wi-Fi having access its controls through your computer, phone or tablet using Cubify app available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

There are so many things you can do with this 3D printer it is simply mind boggling. You can either download or create your own designs to be printed.
The truth is, you are only limited by your imagination. For one, you can create replacement caps for your other gadgets, create buttons, logos, phone cases, fan grilles and even create items to sell on ebay.
Once you have a file, which will typically be a STL file, you can upload it to your Cube printer and simply click, “print.” However, it is important to note that you will need to calibrate your printer before printing anything by using the provided instructions.

The downside of the Cube 3 is the cost of printing materials. They cost several times as much as generic PLA spools that are the mainstay of DIY and other 3D printer systems.

In closing the Cube 3 3D printer is simply an amazing machine and a steal of a deal for beginners who’d rather pay a higher cost for printing in exchange for simplicity of use.


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