Fast Budget 3D printer – CEL RBX01

The CEL RBX01 Robox is a consumer fast budget 3d printer. Small but strong this 3D printer is the best for the price.

Looking for a new consumer 3D printer? It is not easy to find the best possible solution on the market. There are many nuances to consider, but there are certain products that are good to go.
One of the 3D printers making a lot of noise right now would be the CEL RBX01 Robox 3D Printer. Is it a good fit for you and your needs?
Let’s take a glance at the pros and cons of this printer and the value it brings to the forefront for those who are thinking about spending the money and getting it.


    • Headlock System: Allows quick change of print head
    • Build area (mm) 210 × 150 × 100
    • Quick Fill Dual Nozzle Technology: Detailed perimeter nozzle (0.3mm); Fast infill nozzle (0.8mm); Needle-valve flow control
    • High quality Frame and Case Design
    • Materials- ABS, PLA, mABS (clear), HIPS, Nylon, PC, PVA
    • Smart Reel System: Automatic material recognition
    • Automaker Software: East to use interface; real-time printing status; supports pause and resume printing
    • Automated calibration
    • Low maintenance
    • Fast heat up
    • Unique safety features
    • British design backed up by a 2 Year Warranty. Check this manufacturer video.

Best Fast 3d printer for the price - CEL RBX01


When it comes to its benefits, this fast budget 3D printer is going to be speedy. The printing is done in no time and this can easily be regarded as one of the fastest options being sold in this day and age.
The Robox uses a unique single filament, dual nozzle extruder: One hyper-fine nozzle prints the highly detailed outside of the object, while the second larger nozzle quickly fills the hidden parts of the structure.
The nozzle design ensures more is done in less time and that is always a good thing.
As a result, the Robox can achieve resolutions of up to 20 microns on the outside while speeding up the printing process up to three fold which is truly remarkable.

Excellent With Third-Party Materials

Have specific materials you want to use? This is one of the major benefits you are going to see with Robox’s printer. They have not only made sure their spools are up to par with requirements, but the usability of third-party materials is simple enough as well.
Use the materials you want and see the results that are going to come out.

This is a fantastic printer in this regard and you will notice this effective immediately when you put it to use. There is never going to be a point where you get frustrated with regards to the materials.

Easy To Clean

The removable print bed is great as you are able to clean it on a regular basis. This keeps the printer working in a safe manner.

Fast budget 3d printer - CEL RBX01

Set Up Takes Long

Is there an issue that you are going to have to consider in the short and long-term?
The one thing a lot of people tend to mention would be the setup process. They feel it is elongated for no reason at all. However, this is one of those things that will be easy to get used to in the long-term.
The speed of the actual printing process will ensure it works out in your favor.


While the device looks and feels like a solid piece of kit, the results from printing were mixed. Unfortunately, a very small print size restricts the height of 3D printed models.
The printer sometimes struggled with fine details and missed out printing whole sections without reason. This is most likely a bug in the software responsible for printing the layers.


This high quality 18-pound machine is made out of metal and plastic, which makes it both sturdy and easy to maneuver. The fully enclosed structure and sliding door help protect your fingers from burns and keep the interior temperature regulated.
Colored interior lights indicate the process the printer is currently running, such as stand-by, printing, error or finished. There is virtually no set up process, as this printer comes ready to print.

Summing up

The CEL RBX01 Robox is the most beneficial next-generation 3D printer.
It is a fast budget 3d printer, very easy to use. It gives everyone the opportunity to bring their ideas to life – AutoMaker™ software and automatic material recognition means that Robox® comes with a simple software package that smoothly guides the user– to load the reel and press print.
At a price of around $1,400 it is the perfect option for those who want to get a 3D printer that does not cause a lot of trouble and will work as you want it to.


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