Fuel3D Handheld 3D Scanner SCA109-The First Of Its Kind

About Fuel3D SCA109 Handheld 3D scanner

Exciting technological marvels have taken place in the field of 3D recently. A lot of advancements especially in 3D printing have taken place. With better more portable and cheaper 3D printers emerging every day, the field has generated genuine interest on research and development.
This interest has been directed to 3D imagery, which has dragged behind over time.

Typical handheld 3D imaging devices are either too expensive, costing upwards of $15,000 or too technical and complex to be used in everyday life by animators, game developers, 3D artists and designers.

Fuel3D SCA109 Handheld 3D Scanner remedies this situation.
It is a cheap handheld 3D imaging system that is simple to use (works on point-and-shoot principle like a typical camera).
An Overview Of The Product And Abilities of the camera

At 10*9.6*1.3 inches the Fuel3D SCA109 Handheld 3D Scanner is a small portable 3D imaging system that is easy to handle.
Its weight of 1.2lbs/0.51kgs makes it’s a very light system as compared to other 3D imaging devices available.
Its design and tripod mount goes a long way to improve its handling.

The scanning technology employed is a fusion of stereoscopic and photometric data acquisition technologies. Imaging is pre-calibrated making it very easy to use. It has an operating distance range of imaging 14”-18”. Lighting is provided by Xenon flash bulb, ensuring High resolution 3D images are captured.


Connectivity of the device is restricted to a micro USB, which is used to load raw images to a PC or Mac. Images are exported in STL, OBJ and PLY formats. The device comes with image processing software from Fuel3D. However, you can acquire third party software such as Mesh up for enhanced processing.

It works best on fabrics, food, human form, stones and other high-texture surfaces.

Instances where the system is inefficient include opaque and high-reflective surfaces, flat surfaces with sharp corners and mono-color surfaces.

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