Humble Velocipede, a 3D printed version of Theo Janssen’s famous Strandbeest sculptures

Humble Velocipede, a 3D printed version of Theo Janssen's famous Strandbeest sculptures

You’d be forgiven for thinking that there are now enough fidget spinners in circulation, 3D printed or otherwise, to keep everyone’s fingers busy forever, and no more hand-occupying toys are needed. You would, however, be ignoring the latest Adafruit creation, uploaded by contributor Dano Wall. His Humble Velocipede is a neat little 3D printed walking toy, with an assortment of animal-like legs that seem to scuttle along your desktop as you push its body. The project was based on the work of Dutch designer Theo Janssen, specifically his famous ‘Strandbeest’ creations. Janssen’s Strandbeest (beach beast) machines are artificial creatures […]

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