Is Chowbotics’ $30K salad-making robot the future of food prep?

Is Chowbotics' $30K salad-making robot the future of food prep?

Not sure what to have for lunch? How about a salad, expertly assembled and tossed by a robot named Sally? The food-making robot, developed by “robots for restaurants” startup Chowbotics, is the latest in automated cuisine coming out of Silicon Valley. Surprisingly, this is not the first salad-making robot we’ve encountered, though it is immeasurably better than its jokey counterpart . The machine, which resembles a sort of 3D printer/coffee dispenser hybrid, is designed to make a variety of fresh salads, with scientifically perfect proportions. Sally the salad robot houses 21 ingredients, such as romaine, kale, cherry tomatoes, olives, […]

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