Make your own ‘super satisfying’ 3D printed twist containers with Make Anything’s Devin Montes

Make your own 'super satisfying' 3D printed twist containers with Make Anything's Devin Montes

Devin Montes, the 3D designer behind the Make Anything YouTube channel, has designed a set of 3D printed "Super Satisfying Twist Containers" that can be downloaded for free and used to store small objects. Montes has also published a video tutorial covering how to make your own containers. Kettles, tables, refrigerators, placemats, cushions, 3D printers. These are just some of the household items that I find more interesting than containers , the subject of a recent Make Anything 3D printing tutorial. Fortunately, Devin Montes’ 3D printed receptacles are probably the most interesting containers I’ve seen this year, possibly ever, […]

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