How much does it cost to build DIY 3d printer at home?

If you’d love to own a 3D printer, but aren’t willing to shell out several thousand dollars for one, building your own DIY 3D printer like the Geeetech DIY Fully 3D printer kit might be an option. By following the instructions carefully you can create a fully functional printer for a fraction of the cost.
Knowing what to expect to spend on parts and materials can help you plan properly, and create a quality 3D printer that will work like a dream.

The first thing to remember when budgeting for your project is that quality parts will create a quality printer.
Avoid choosing the cheapest parts available, and make the you don’t buy after market of used parts unless they are from a reputable vendor.
By investing in quality parts you can ensure that your printer will work well, and for a long time.
Printrbot DIY assembly - red
Doing a little research before hand, and choosing parts based on their user reviews and not on their brand name can help you ensure you pay for the quality not for the brand name on the part.

In some cases the lesser known brands might provide similar quality parts for a fraction of the cost. This can help you save a lot of money, and provide you with a similar quality printer for a lot less.

It is usually a good idea to pay attention to the suggested parts used in the instruction set you choose to follow.
In most cases the cost of the printer is usually between $500 and  $1000, although that could vary depending on what you are able to find and how much you are hoping to invest. Planning to spend somewhere in that range will ensure you have what you need to create a fully functional DIY 3D printer.

If that still seems like a lot for your budget, don’t worry, because you aren’t buying a complete printer you can spread the costs out over several weeks or even months.

One of the currently available best sellers is the Printrbot Metal Simple 3D Printer Kit, which uses 1.75mm PLA Filament.
Because building a 3D printer at home isn’t a weekend project, you can order the parts over time, only purchasing what you need at the moment.

If you are interested in a 3D printer, building one at home might be the way to get the printer you want for the right price.
This can make it a big difference, and can help you afford better quality parts by spreading the cost over a larger period of time.

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