Natural Robotics’ VIT SLS 3D printer available for $7K on Kickstarter

Natural Robotics' VIT SLS 3D printer available for $7K on Kickstarter

Spanish 3D printing company Natural Robotics has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its VIT laser sintering 3D printer. Backers can secure the SLS 3D printer for €5,999 ($7K), saving 45 per cent on the retail price. Nylon 3D printing is one of the unsung heroes of additive manufacturing. With plastic FDM 3D printing the chosen tool of consumer users, metal SLM 3D printing at the center of most serious industrial applications, and SLA the fancy-looking playboy of the bunch, it’s easy to forget about SLS 3D printers—machines well capable of producing strong, hard parts for a number of applications. […]

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