Princess Leia Project: ‘3D light printer’ projects Star Wars-like 3D holograms

Princess Leia Project: '3D light printer' projects Star Wars-like 3D holograms

Researchers from Brigham Young University have devised a free-space volumetric display platform, based on photophoretic optical trapping, that produces full-color, aerial volumetric images with 10-micron image points. They say their Optical Trap Display is like a 3D printer for light. Of all the weird and wonderful gizmos seen in the original Star Wars movies, one piece of sci-fi tech continues to fascinate real-world scientists the world over. Not hyperdrive, not lightsabers, not even AT-AT Walkers , but something that appears almost mundane in that crazy galaxy far, far away: holograms. In the first Star Wars movie, lovable droid R2-D2 […]

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