Voodoo Manufacturing’s new ‘Project Skywalker’ links NINE 3D printers and a robotic arm

Voodoo Manufacturing's new 'Project Skywalker' links NINE 3D printers and a robotic arm

Brooklyn-based 3D printing company Voodoo Manufacturing has completed Project Skywalker, a fully functional robot-operated 3D printer cluster consisting of nine 3D printers and a robotic arm. The system can automatically remove and replace a 3D printer’s build plate when a print is completed. It would be fair to say that Voodoo Manufacturing is swimming against the current in the 3D printing world. In an industry where small-batch production, one-off bespoke parts, and unique items are the order of the day, Voodoo Manufacturing is one of the few companies in the U.S.—and perhaps the word—that is doing things totally differently. […]

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